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Piet Hellemans Dierenarts

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Piet on House call for your beloved animal

It is possible to request a house call by Piet, based upon availability. Please note that the range of medical procedures Piet can offer at home is limited, however he can perform health checks, vaccinations and also euthanasia at home.

To request a house call send an email to info@piethellemans.nl stating your personal information, information regarding your pet, the reason for the house call and when you would like Piet to visit. Piet will then contact you for an appointment.


Price incl. VAT

Housecall and consult in Amsterdam € 100,-
Housecall and consult outside Amsterdam on request
Vaccination per animal and per vaccin (excl. housecall & consult) € 30,-
Euthanasia (excl. housecall & consult) € 70,-

For appointments call 06 – 12 15 21 65

If you can’t reach Piet and you have an emergency, please contact Dierenkliniek De Wetering (Weteringschans 141, 1017 SE Amsterdam) via 020 622 9676.

Outside business hours of this clinic, you can contact the Hugo Verwijskliniek (De Heining 10, 1161 PA Zwanenburg) via 020 308 0750.

For house call

Piet Hellemans
Vet & Veterinair Consultant

Email: info@piethellemans.nl
Phone.: 06 – 12 15 21 65

KvK: 59768703

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